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Bright Water Partnership


The brief

A tender for the Bright Water Landscape Partnership, a Heritage Lottery Fund project that aims to ‘reveal, restore and celebrate’ the many points of interest and history of the River Skerne area in Durham. The brief was to create a brand, website and appropriate digital and marketing designs that would solve the problem of allowing visitors to explore the area where the locations are spread far and wide and some are not physically accessible.

Logo design

Logo designs
Logo design and colour coding concept

The proposed logo design is inspired from the alchemic symbol for water, with alchemy as the medieval forerunner of chemistry, and the Bright Water location being steeped in medieval history the symbol and its meaning offered a historical and ‘heritage’ concept but very strong contemporary look for the brand. The logo is shown working in several brand colours to correspond with different sectors of the project - History, Leisure and Environment.

Digital and print designs

Responsive website design
Website design, digital leaflet and app concept
Printed and digital tourist guide and augmented reality app concept
Printed and digital tourist guide and augmented reality app concept

An augmented reality app design was core to the strategy, offering a virtual tour guide for visitors enjoying the expansive Bright Water area, where visiting an information kiosk for every visit would not be practical. The app also allows users to discover points of interest they can see from a distance without visiting the location, as the nature of the project means that some preserved historical remains are protected and not open to the public. The app addresses this challenge with its interactivity.

Exhibition and outdoor signage design

Exhibition and pop up banner designs

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