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BYOL Challenges


The brief

Create a new logo and redesign the existing BYOL ('Bring Your Own Laptop') Challenges website.

This project was part of a series of online community design challenges.

I'm now working with Bring Your Own Laptop on exciting new features for their learning platform. Watch this space!

Website design

The new design organises key information more accessibly. Everything is broken down into logical sections with the interface for key user tasks above the fold. Extra support, information and inspiration are available as the user scrolls.

Website design concept

Prototype demo video

Modals and interactions

Signing in and uploading work is made easy with clear guidance and progressive disclosure in a series of modals.

A sense of community and peer support is achieved with a members gallery that’s easy to browse and rewarding to interact with.

Login and project upload modals
Member page design
Member project page

Logo and UI styling

Logo design and style guide
UI styling

Further logo variations and concepts

The two design options I submitted for the challenge use a friendly, rounded typeface to communicate the approachable and inclusive ethos of the BYOL Challenges and BYOL online community.

The clicking cursor icon option represents action and the ‘doing’ aspect of the challenges - ‘give it a go!’. The rocket/shooting star icon option represents challenge, reward and self improvement.

Logo design concepts
Logo design concepts

The process

User persona
User stories and use cases
Existing website design reference
Task flow
Competitor analysis

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