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Interactive Intelligence


The brief

Create a new brand, website and campaign collateral for a contact centre in Newcastle upon Tyne. The client mainly employs twenty-something, professional millennials and needed to attract fresh talent and create better staff retention.

Logo design

A fun, vivid and people focused message was proposed to inspire and make staff feel integral to the brand. The logo concept represents sound levels (conversation, talking on the phone) as well as energy, excitement and levels of achievement.

Logo design

Website design

The campaign features actual members of staff, making them celebrities, drawing upon popular aspirations of quick fame from reality TV and YouTube etc. Staff members are featured prominently on the website with personal profiles to highlight the company’s good humour, energy, drive and diversity.

Users of the site will be able to put faces to names, breaking down the barrier of typical faceless call centre stereotyping and reinforcing more genuine and trustworthy brand values.

Website design

Campaign designs

Outdoor advertising campaign
Outdoor advertising campaign for Newcastle city centre
Office interior design and uniform design
Team uniform and office interior designs

Further logo concepts

Logo design concepts

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